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Tipton County Canvassing Drive-


Hey Tipton County Dems.  You know, there's just a precious few of us and it's up to US to do our part join making a difference.  We don't have anyone else to do it for us.  So, if your'e tired of the REDS controlling our county, we have to do this together.  We can't sit at home and grumble.  There's work to do.

Now that the weather is cooler, we are starting a door-to-door canvassing project and phone and email campaigns to reach every registered Dem in this county!  We want to make contact with them, tell them who we are and what we do, and get them involved too.  It is imperative that we connect with these lost Dems.  Further, we must get some excitement built in this County for the upcoming elections, register more people to vote, and get people to our meetings.  

We will also be providing access to the DNC's phone and email lists for Tipton County.  We have professionally written scripts that you can use.  We hope to reach every Dem in this county before the elections.  All you have to do is commit an hour or so each week...or whatever you can do!  Call our office for information.

To get involved, contact the Secretary, Robbie, at our office at 901-451-9240.  He will determine the district you live in and can supply you with a list of all the Dems in your area and determine how much of an area you'd like to cover.  The list will go street by street, so you can choose where to canvass.  You will be provided materials about our party, surveys, and voter registration forms.

If you don't get involved, no one else is gonna do it for us.  We must rely on the people in our party.  Call today to get started.

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